We are newcomer of the year!

The well-known trade publication Planung & Analyse has honored ReDem® with the award for Newcomer in Market Research 2023. 

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The Insights industry about ReDem®

Therese Weichel Therese Weichel

Therese Weichel

Quality Manager | Talk Group

Our panel quality management requires quality evaluations at all important participant touchpoints. ReDem is an important building block for us in this overall approach. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate the response behavior of our panelists very effectively and efficiently, which is most important. So, we can integrate the results into our holistic quality scoring of our panels.

Therese Weichel
Malte Friedrich-Freksa Malte Friedrich-Freksa

Malte Friedrich-Freksa

Chief Innovation Officer & Member of the Executive Management | horizoom

ReDem is the strategic partner for us in the further development of our high quality standards of the horizoom online access panel: Technologically embedded in our panel infrastructure with Ingress and therefore an integral part of our continuous quality measurements, which we drive forward together.

Malte Friedrich-Freksa
Sarah Bretschneider Sarah Bretschneider

Sarah Bretschneider

Project Manager | Triple M

Substantial added value for the quality of our surveys! The ReDem process is not only exciting and innovative, but also adds significant value to the quality of our surveys. I look forward to using it every time. If I have any questions, they help and advise immediately—I am VERY satisfied!

Sarah Bretschneider
Rolf Gagelmann Rolf Gagelmann

Rolf Gagelmann

Head of Market Research | Bauer Media Group

ReDem is very user-friendly. Thanks to its simple and fast operation, the software offers valuable time saving benefits, especially for the standardized cleaning criteria. The continuous optimization based on customer requests and the proactive customer service should also be underlined.

Rolf Gagelmann
Dr. Oliver Kohrmann Dr. Oliver Kohrmann

Dr. Oliver Kohrmann

Managing Director | Ingress GmbH

Innovative solutions in a relevant field and friendly people - that describes ReDem pretty well. Being a company that has been developing and offering software solutions for market research for many years, we know that the issue of quality is becoming increasingly important. We are therefore very pleased to have ReDem as a partner who is fully dedicated to this important issue. ReDem thus enables a true added value for the users of Ingress solutions. The seamless integration of the ReDem software into our survey software keyingress also contributes to this. However, the personal aspect of our partnership is also important to us. ReDem and Ingress share a common "go to market" philosophy. This makes working together a pleasure.

Dr. Oliver Kohrmann
Brian Kirby Brian Kirby

Brian Kirby

Director Sampling | mindline group

ReDem's technology helps us close a gap in the quality checking of survey data. What was previously only possible manually and with corresponding effort, we now get in real time. The automatic checking of open responses for duplicates and meaningfulness of answers is a perfect enhancement for our high demands on our internal data quality management.

Brian Kirby
Alice Flamant Alice Flamant

Alice Flamant

Magenta Telekom - Business Marketing & Market Research

Study results very often contribute to company-deciding measures. It is therefore all the more important to ensure high data quality as the basis for such decisions. ReDem helped us improve the quality of survey data in a large market research study.

Alice Flamant
Michael Lersch Michael Lersch

Michael Lersch

Managing Director DACH | Forsta

A combination of measures against fraud from outside and during the survey leads to the quality assurance. Here, ReDem offers a very interesting approach.

Michael Lersch
Prof. Horst Müller-Peters Prof. Horst Müller-Peters

Prof. Horst Müller-Peters

Technical University of Cologne, Publisher of Marktforschung.de

The quality of samples is, in my view, one of the most important issues in market research. It is the indispensable basis of its legitimacy. In my view, the increased use of sample control procedures, and even more so the introduction of a widely accepted quality seal, could make a significant contribution to the quality of the industry. A kind of "TÜV" seal for the results of surveys. That's why I see ReDem as a very valuable and important initiative.

Prof. Horst Müller-Peters
Robert Sobotka Robert Sobotka

Robert Sobotka

Managing Director | Telemark Marketing

Significant improvement in quality and efficiency! In various projects, both CATI and online, we have seen a demonstrable increase in data quality through the use of the REDEM algorithms. REDEM convinced me especially by its efficiency: You can achieve a significant quality improvement with little effort.

Robert Sobotka
Hartmut Scheffler Hartmut Scheffler

Hartmut Scheffler

Consultant for market research and brand management

In my view, ReDem has an excellent, industry-wide available and proven tool (usable as SaaS), especially for qualitatively checking survey data and eliminating unsuitable cases for further analysis. The tool is constantly adapted to new requirements and rightly strives to become an industry standard. Data sets comprehensively checked for quality should finally become the rule - Redem offers a high-quality solution for this.

Hartmut Scheffler

Your benefits

Optimize data quality

Optimize data quality

ReDem® ensures the quality of your data, leaving only high-quality records.

Establish quality standard

Establish quality standard

ReDem® makes data quality tangible and thus creates a transparent quality standard.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

ReDem® automates the entire quality control process in real time.

How it works

ReDem® at a glance


Step 1

Prepare questionnaire

Standardized items for quality checks are added to the questionnaire and the survey can start.

Step 2

Import data

Data can be quickly and easily uploaded as an Excel file or imported in real time via an integration with the survey software.

Step 3

Measure data quality

Comprehensive AI-based quality checks are performed and data quality is calculated.

Step 4

Clean and export

The data is automatically cleaned according to our ReDem®-Score and can then either be exported as an Excel file or transferred to the survey software.

Our highlight! Quality control of open-ended responses

Our AI assesses the quality of open ended survey responses in just a few moments - Automated and in real time.

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Data protection & security


Data protection has the highest priority at ReDem®. Therefore, our data processing is 100% compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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ReDem® Survey Data Quality Platform

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