Your benefits


Data quality

Ensure highest data quality even under time pressure


Quality standard

Establish a benchmark for the quality of open ended responses


Time saving

Automated quality check and real-time cleaning

Our quality checks


Topic check

Do the answers match the content of the question or topic

Länge der Angaben

Length of the answer

Are the answers short or detailed



Are there any gibberish or other nonsense answers


Swear words

Is there abusive or inappropriate language

Inhaltlose Aussagen

No information

Are answers meaningless or without content



Are there multiple respondents with the same answers

Copy & Paste Antworten

Copy & paste answers

Was the answer inserted via copy-and-paste


Language check

Are there undesired languages in the data

Supported languages

The Open-Ended-Score currently supports more than 100 different languages.

How it works

In just 4 steps to the cleaned data file

1. Datenimport

1. Data import

Either uimport your data as Excel file within a few minutes or use our API.

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2. Klassifizierung und Scoring

2. Classification and scoring

Now your data will be processed using our Open-Ended-Scores (OES) This involves using an AI language model to classify the responses.

In addition, a score between 0 and 100 is assigned for each answer.
This means that the OES can also be combined with all other ReDem® quality checks.

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3. Bereinigung der Daten

3. Cleaning of the data

The cleaning of the data can be performed automatically using the scores or manually in the data table.

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4. Datenexport

4. Data export

The cleaned data can be exported as Excel file or sent back to your survey tool via API.

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OES Example - DE

What our customers say

For Gapfish, data quality is of paramount importance, which is why we have always used technical processes for data cleaning in addition to manual ones. However, cleaning answers of open questions has always been a manual process that requires a lot of time and effort.

Here, Redem was able to convince us with its Open Ended Score: We compared the results of the manual cleaning with the results of the Redem tool on the data set of a study with over 10,000 open-ended answers, and the results were over 99% identical. Another benefit of Redem is that it saves us time and detects poor quality even under the most stressful and time-pressured conditions. 

kemal-kostrebic Gapfish
Kemal Kostrebic

Research Manager, GapFish GmbH (a Cint Group Company)

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