Data import & export

With our platform, you have the ability to easily import and export your survey data.

  • You can upload data in Excel format (.xlsx) and update it during the field phase. Afterwards you can export the data again as XLSX file.
  • We also offer the ability to import, monitor, and export data in real time. You can link different survey software solutions or use our API to enable seamless data transfer.

Verification & Cleaning

We offer a quick and easy way to evaluate your survey data simultaneously according to comprehensive quality criteria and to clean it automatically.

More features


Quota settings

You can set quotas for specific demographic variables such as age, gender, or occupation, and clean for them as well.

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Daten aktualisieren

Update data

You can also upload your data file during the field phase, update it and perform intermediate cleanings.

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Data weighting

Based on the calculated response quality, respondents can also be weighted in addition to data cleaning.

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Daten exportieren

Export data

The cleaned data files can be exported with just one click and then used for further analysis.

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User management

You can manage multiple user accounts that can upload their own data files, analyse them and use credits.

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Quality report

A report containing details on data quality and quality controls performed can be shared with all stakeholders.

Real-time analysis & cleaning

From now on, it is also possible to check and clean the survey data in real time. This means that the respondents can be checked before they reache the "complete state" and thus before it affects the quotas. ReDem® must be integrated into your survey software for this purpose.

We are happy to support you with the integration.


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