Flexible & Simple

Annual Credit Plans

Choose the annual credit plan that fits your needs.

  • from € 0.01 per credit and € 0.04 per interview
  • All analysis & cleaning features included
  • unlimited number of users
  • Personal contact person
  • API access

Full-service quality analysis

Send us your data file and our experts will do the work.
We will perform all needed quality checks for you and discuss the results in a personal meeting.

€ 890 / per data file (n ≤ 2000)
  • Questionnaire is checked in advance for quality items
  • Data file is checked and cleaned by us according to all available quality criteria
  • You will receive your cleaned data file and a detailed quality report.


Frequently asked questions

  • Credits are used as a unit of account for quality control of survey respondents.
  • Credits can be purchased in a variety of yearly plans. 
  • Credits are valid for use of an annual plan, 12 months after receiving. 

Between 4 and a maximum of 10 credits are charged per interview, depending on the quality criteria selected.

Credits required depend on the type and number of quality checks per interview

All figures per interview / respondent.

  • Open-Ended-Score: 3 Credits for the first data point. 1 Credit for each additional data point.
  • Time-Score: 1 Credit
  • Item-Battery-Score: 0,1 Credits per item and interview (max. 3 credits)
  • Projective Control Question: 2 Credits for the first data point. 1 Credit for each additional data point.

Yes. If your credits are consumed earlier than planned, you can renew your credit plan at any time and thus receive new credits.