Flexible & Simple

Annual Credit Plans

Choose a suitable annual credit plan for your needs.


from 0.14€ /per interview

  • min. 200,000 credits per year
  • min. 30,000 interviews per year
  • All analysis & cleaning features included
  • Personal support
  • API-access


from 0.05€ /per interview

  • min. 3,000,000 credits per year
  • min. 500,000 interviews per year
  • Unlimited users
  • All analysis & cleaning features included
  • Personal support
  • API-access

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Full-service quality analysis

Send us your data file and our experts will do the work.
We will perform all needed quality checks for you and discuss the results in a personal meeting.

€ 890 / per data file (n ≤ 2000)
  • Questionnaire is checked in advance for quality items
  • Data file is checked and cleaned by us according to all available quality criteria
  • You will receive your cleaned data file and a detailed quality report.


Frequently asked questions

  • Credits are used as a unit of account for quality control of survey respondents.
  • Credits can be purchased in a variety of yearly plans. 
  • Credits are valid for use of an annual plan, 12 months after receiving. 

Between 5 and a maximum of 10 credits are charged per interview, depending on the quality criteria selected.

Credits required depend on the type and number of quality checks per interview

  • Open-Ended-Score: 2 Credits per data point and interview
  • Time-Score: 1 Credit per interview
  • Item-Battery-Score: 0,1 Credits per item and interview (max. 3 credits)
  • Projective Control Question: 2 Credits per data point and interview

Yes. If your credits are consumed earlier than planned, you can renew your credit plan at any time and thus receive new credits.