About us

Market research and the insights it provides have a greater impact on our lives than we might realize. The most significant and influential organizations base their decisions on the results of market research studies.

Our mission is to provide a better foundation for decision-making through innovative technology and ensuring clean market research data.

Redem Team
ReDem 4th anniversary

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Our vision

Our goal is to become the industry standard for quality assurance of market research data.

We want to establish ReDem® as a quality seal to secure the data basis of market research studies in the long term.

Our team

May we introduce? The ReDem Team

At ReDem®, we believe in quality and so does our team. This unites experts from the fields of software development and market research. All with the common goal of creating the greatest possible benefit for our customers through innovation.

Florian Kögl
Founder & CEO
David Mitterlehner
Co-Founder & Lead Developer
Vinura Perera
Product Owner & UI/UX Designer
Asela Wijesinghe
Tech-Lead & Senior Developer
Sebastian Berger
Head of Business Development
Isabell Brandtner
Executive Assistant
Robert Sobotka
Business Angel
Hartmut Scheffler
Business Angel
Markus Weigl
Business Angel

Working with us to make Redem® a global quality standard

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