ReDem® & Forsta Plus Integration: Real-time AI data cleaning now available

The days when data had to be subjectively cleaned up after the field phase in painstaking detail work are finally over. With ReDem's AI technology, this is done automatically by means of up to 17 simultaneously carried out and objectively traceable quality checks. In this way, you can ensure in a standardized way that bad and fraudulent interviews do not end up in your data set and falsify the results. Regardless of the survey software you use, you can do this on our SaaS platform by uploading the survey data in just a few minutes.

In order to make the whole thing even more effective and efficient for you, we have been cooperating with leading survey software providers since this year to integrate ReDem® with them. We are pleased that ReDem® is now available to you within Forsta Plus. Forsta Plus The benefits for Forsta customers from this real-time AI data cleaning are:

  • Cost and time savings: Save yourself the time-consuming manual cleaning of the data after the survey.
  • Quotas are met immediately: No oversampling or re-recruitment of participants is necessary.
  • Ensuring data quality: Our AI also detects the new generation of intelligent survey fraud. Whether it's copy paste or "good" answers automatically generated by bots – the ReDem® quality checks uncover everything.

In view of the fact that digital fingerprints (e.g. IP addresses) are becoming increasingly ineffective in the fight against fraud in online surveys because they are circumvented by deleting cookies, using virtual private networks (VPN), certain browsers or browser settings or their extensions, as well as proxy servers and botnets, quality assurance measures during the survey are absolutely necessary. In cooperation with Forsta, ReDem offers you an "all-round carefree package" in this regard. Sit back and let our AI work for you from now on.

Sebastian Berger