The new AI-powered version of our open-ended score is now available

The new ReDem® Open-Ended Score supports an even better quality check of open-ended responses! Thanks to advanced algorithms and OpenAI's powerful GPT-4 model, open-ended responses are automatically and accurately scored in over 100 languages.

How the new open-ended score works

OES Quality Criteria - DE

Classification of responses into quality categories

Responses are classified according to our OES quality categories to ensure comprehensive quality control and identify fraudulent responses even more effectively. Responses are divided into 9 different criteria and assigned an individual score between 0 and 100. 

OES Catrgories Worksheet
OES Data Table - DE

Duplicate check & AI context check as new highlights

The latest highlights of the open-ended score include effective duplicate checking and advanced AI-based context checking.

Furthermore, the answers are checked for swear words, nonsense phrases, language, copy & paste behavior or generic content.

Florian Kögl
Florian is the founder and CEO of ReDem®. He is also a board member of the Austrian Market Research Association and has extensive experience in the development of innovative software solutions.